Advance in technology world is also widely used for hacking mobile phones. As a result, hackers have access to other people's personal data, which is usually used for monetary or tracking purposes. Once you are suspicious regarding the performance of your smartphone, there are 6 steps you should make to prevent any further leakage of information:

 1 Use high-quality VPN. Certain websites and organizations may track the history of websites visited by you via your IP address. To prevent this situation, you are recommended to use reliable VPN. For instance, this website provides a Ukrainian IP: With the help of this VPN, no one can track your location. If anyone will attempt to track you, they will think that you are currently in Ukraine. However, VPN should be used, only if it is legal within the legal framework of your country. 

 2 Delete suspicious and unknown apps. Sometimes smartphone users download unofficial programs or games that constitute the threat for the privacy and stability of mobile phone. They can be obtained from prohibited websites or developers. In addition, there are cases, when some programs appear on your smartphone, though you have not downloaded them. These programs may even operate without your permission. If you do not remember downloading them clearly, better to delete them to protect the mobile phone.

 3 Constantly update the software of your smartphone. Apple and Android release regular updates. Thus, this process is very exhausting and time-consuming, but it ensures high protection and sustainability. The mobile phone with the last updates is the least hacked. Therefore, periodically update the smartphone system.

 4 Monitor your payment for mobile services. Hacked mobile phone will be charged higher amount of money. For this reason, you must closely collaborate with your service operator on a regular basis. Besides, it is important to stop paying for services you are not using.

 5 Download antivirus. Nearly every smartphone has access to Internet. As a result, the presence of viruses is inevitable. They can intrude with downloaded pictures, video, games and others. Some viruses assist in obtaining your information for other users. This negatively affects the maintenance and quality of mobile phone. To control the number of viruses, it is necessary to get antivirus programs, which can help to remove unfavorable virus.

 6 Reset entire system. If any steps mentioned above are not helping your smartphone, the last thing you can do is to reset the whole system to achieve default settings. This also leads to the deletion of all current information on your phone. That is why this is the last measure you need to undertake in order to protect your private data. 

Phone hacking can have an adverse impact on your life, because smartphones possess all information concerning the owner, such as address, credit card number and password, location and others.