Meeting #380 ` Animals & Pets`

Date: 26.10.2017
Time: 18:30 — 20:00
Place: Dnipro, Voskresenska Street, 23, The Central Municipal Library (the Department of Literature in Foreign Language, 6th floor).
Questions for discussion:

1. Do you have a pet?
2. If you don't have a pet, why not?
3. Are you frightened of some animals?
4. Do you know someone who owns an unusual pet?
5. Do you think it is acceptable to test cosmetics on animals?
6. Should we take care of homeless animals?
7. What about animal rights for example of cats and chickens? Do they have the same rights?
8. Why do people take care of homeless cats and dogs, but eat cows and pigs?
9. What kind of meats have you eaten?
10. Have you ever been to a zoo?
11. Are there laws about hunting in your country?
12. What do you think of hunting? Would you eat an animal that you killed yourself?
13. Do you think people should buy and wear fur coats?
14. Have you ever been bitten by a dog? Have you been stung by a bee?
15. Have you ever been to a farm? What animals did you see there?
16. What animals do you think are cute?
17. What animals do you think are ugly? Should we get rid of them?
18. Does feeding an animal bring you happiness?
19. If you saw a stranger drowning, and you also saw your pet drowning, and you could only save one, who would you save? What would most people choose?
20. Is it morally right to spend a lot of money on pets, rather than helping people in need?
21. How long do you think animals can live without food?
22. Have you ever seen people who behave themselves like animals?
23. What can people learn from animals?